Ludum Dare 34 – Two Button Controls, Growing

You are a janitor at a high tech scientific research complex called SUPER SCIENCE CORP.

After a busy day sweeping floors, you decide to take a quick nap in your janitor’s closet.

Somehow, in the 10 minutes you have been asleep, catastrophic events have occurred.

All employees have been evacuated & the complex is overrun by strange mutant insects.

Use the power of an experimental DNA disruptor hand cannon to take on these beings – you must make it to the generator room and press the TWO BUTTONS to shut down the energy reactor that is feeding these mutants.

But watch out! Energy can make these monsters GROW and become something much, much worse…

Luckily, you have your trusty broom – use it to sweep away any toxic goo they may leave in your path and smash them in the face like the badass janitor you are!

WASD / ↑←↓→ – Movement
RMB – Aim Weapon
LMB – Broom Sweep
RMB + LMB – Charge / Shoot Weapon

Developer Notes

We decided to make a linear game playthrough this LD. While we are quite happy with the end result, we did have to cut a lot of the planned content (extra rooms, voice clips, etc) due the obvious time restrictions. This also gave us less time to polish the game, we wanted a lot more fancy particle effects and other little touches – oh well, that’s LD for you! :D

Knows issues:
– Broom sweep does not sweep enemy parts (oversight on our behalf, you can still use it to clear goo).
– Aiming slowly becomes slightly misaligned over time.
– Reported occasional collision errors with bullets.
– Changing resolution options in-game doesn’t seem to work correctly sometimes (fullscreen).
– Linux version may not work (we can’t test, so if you could confirm that would be awesome).

NOTE: This game uses online leaderboards/stats. You may receive a firewall warning when starting up the game.

Enjoy! :)

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